Date: 30-06-2017 WEEK 10 NEWSLETTER

Date: 30-06-2017
wk 10 seminar
It’s another busy and successful week at MAAS Schools. We are very proud of our school and its achievements in the space of 4 years. We are proud of the successes of the very dedicated and talented pupils and students as well as an extremely hard-working and caring staff.

Our strength comes from our pupils’ and students’ commitment to achieving their own goals, working well together and looking after each other. Our goal is to develop world-class students equipped with the knowledge and skills to function productively anywhere in the world. This is achieved through our body of experienced and dedicated staff who work as a team to create an effective learning environment and a happy community.

At MAAS, we hope to ensure that each child will find some aspect of school life from which he or she will derive a sense of achievement, so that when the time comes to move on to the next stage of education, our pupils will not only have discovered and developed their talents, but will take with them into the future the great gifts of confidence and self-esteem.

The seminar for this week is “A SECOND CHANCE”. We aimed to educate our pupils and students on the importance of forgiveness both for the offender and the offended. We emphasized the importance of giving and receiving forgiveness. We highlighted the danger of harbouring resentment and bitterness and the freedom that comes with forgiveness. The importance of being sorry is presented, and how that can lead to receiving forgiveness from God which provides a fresh start.

1. EXAMINATION will start by 6th of July, 2017.
2. END OF THE SESSION PARTY. Saturday, 15th of July, 2017.

FEE-DRIVE: We appeal to the parents/guardians to pay their children’s /ward’s school fees in time for the smooth running of the School.

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