Date: 07-07-2017 WEEK 11 NEWSLETTER

Date: 07-07-2017
Dear Parents/Guardians, WEEK 11 NEWSLETTER
We appreciate God almighty for another successful week. Intermittent down pour was a big issue during the week but we are able to add to the plateau effect. The school was able to install the requisite skills and education needed to stand tall above the masses in this 21st century. This was achieved through practical experience in creativity and innovation. At MAAS we aimed at ascertaining the real talents of each individual and then developed it better to commensurate with demands of the competitive environment. We are equipped with competence, qualified and effective teachers in shaping the lives of pupils and students entrusted under our tutelage.

End of 3rd term examination commenced this week and the institution has laid down a standard processes and procedures in taking exams to avoid examination malpractice. We frown on examination malpractice and is not surprising that we coached our pupils well to prevent them indulging is such practices.

As we approached the end of the school calendar year, it is time to begin planning for the graduation. This is a memorable event for the pupils, students and parents. Congratulations on reaching this goal.

The management entreat all parents and guidance in no small to contribute their quota towards a successful end of session party, which is coming forth on Saturday, the 15th of July 2017 at the School premises “Quarter Kennedy, Williams Ville. Countless programmes have been design including drama, chorography, cultural dance, poems reciting creativity and innovation and numerous programmes to suit to all audience satisfaction.

1. EXAMINATION is on-going.
2. END OF THE SESSION PARTY. Saturday, 15th of July, 2017.

FEE-DRIVE: We appeal to the parents/guardians to pay their children’s /ward’s school fees in time for the smooth running of the School.

Have a wonderful weekend,

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