PROPRIETOR’S SPEECH 2017 End Of The Session Party!!!

The Father of the Day, Mother of the Day, Chairman, Chairlady, Distinguished Members of the high table, Staffs, Parents, Graduands, Ladies and Gentlemen, Great Pupils and Students of MAAS MODERN INT’L SCHOOLS, I greet you all.

All glory, honour and adoration are due to Almighty God, the creator who creatively created all creatures. According to Sophocles “One must wait until the evening to see how splendid the day has been”. With this I give thanks to God for His grace upon us since the beginning of this session till today and forever.

As popularly say, “Count your blessings and name them one by one”. It is against this backdrop I want to highlight the blessings (achievements), which God has done for us in MMIS since the beginning of this season up till today:

I. Trophies won at different competitions ( IESA, NISACI, SPORTS, etc)
II. Embarked on different successful excursions (Airport & Train Station )
III. Positive responses from our esteem parents and the general public on academic performances of the pupils entrusted with us.

Also, we have good news for you. I will at this point let the cat out of the bag to officially inform our dear parents and the general public that our school (MMIS) now has a branch in Oyo State, Nigeria and undergoing construction of classrooms in Kajola, Ajaa Area, Lagos state, Nigeria. Therefore, all interested parents and guardians who wish to relocate back to Nigeria and further the education of their kids can kindly patronize us. The Oyo branch will open on the 11th of September, 2017 and the Lagos branch by April next year. Therefore, the school is now officially named; MAAS MODERN INTERNATIONAL GROUP OF SCHOOLS.

The aforementioned achievements wouldn’t have come to reality without the supports of our distinguished parents. They have morally, spiritually and financially stood by us in ensuring that our dreams for the students come to reality. God will continue to strengthen you, amen.

Life is full of events, but indeed, it is a thing of joy to see you move from one academic level to the other. You are the hope of tomorrow and the hope of our nation. The nation and the world at large are expecting you to shine and be outstanding, so aim for the best. The nation needs courageous, dedicated, hardworking, purposeful and patriotic individuals. Be prepared to be exceptional.

No matter the economic situation, be brave, open, honest and accessible. These qualities will make people believe in you. You are indeed the hope of tomorrow, live up to it. The sky is not your starting point but another space beyond the sky.

A bright future awaits you. Get there by making the most of what you have today. Never be afraid to try. Never be afraid to dream. For you are like a bird that is just learning to fly. You may fall once, you may fall twice, but you will not always fall.

shine and be outstanding, so aim for the best. The nation needs courageous, dedicated, hardworking, purposeful and patriotic individuals. Be prepared to be exceptional.

This speech would be incomplete if I fail to appreciate the efforts of our indefatigable teachers in this citadel of learning for their dedication to work because a tree cannot make a forest. Without mincing words, you have significantly and positively contributed towards the development of this school.

Finally, I want to render my sincere appreciation to my lovely wife, Mrs. Adebayo Rita for her supports and understanding. I am abundantly blessed to have you as my partner. Thanks so much. UP MMIS!!! Thanks for your listening.

Adebayo A. S.M. (Director of Studies)

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