Founded in 2012, M.A.A.S Int’l Primary schools enroll from the age of 2 and Our College is doing great with a clear vision and high expectations for Pupils, Student, we are privileged to guide through this stage of their education.

M.A.A.S Schools is committed to Building Pupils, Student for Life by encouraging and driving our Pupils, Student to strive for personal excellence in academic pursuits, sporting achievement and Religion endeavours. The development of personal character is instrumental to and entwined through this entire process.

M.A.A.S Schools has a proud heritage of excellence across all curriculum areas and in both the sporting and cultural domains.

While we are proud of our past, our attention is firmly centred on our present students and their learning.

Opportunities abound and our Pupils, Student are encouraged and challenged to reach their potential.
School Vision

Our primary purpose and intent is to Build Pupils, Student for Life. We assist our Pupils, Student in their preparation for life beyond school by setting one key objective for them to aspire to and realize.

Key Objective: To encourage and drive individual students to strive for PERSONAL EXCELLENCE in life.

School Values

Our values are the key principles and core beliefs that are central to all that we do. Our actions are governed by these values and it is these values that we promote across all facets of the school.

Our Values

* Excellence we will strive for personal excellence (to do and be our best) in all that we do.
* Respect for self, for others and for the environment.
* Integrity in how we lead our lives.
* Fairness in our dealings with others.
* Responsibility for our own actions individually and collectively.
* Participation in all elements of school life.
* Compassion for and Understanding of Difference