Our Aim

Our Aim
Our aim is to lay the foundation of a life-long educational experience, which will give the individual confidence and respect that will overcome all distinctions of race, class, colour and creed.
We also wish to develop in our students a consciousness of the needs of society and the desire to contribute positively through selfless service, putting the totality of God-given talents and acquired knowledge to the service of humanity.

Mission Statement:

The M.A.A.S Schools is committed to the education of a diverse population to meet the changing demands of a global society. Students will develop technological, academic and communication skills, as well as become emotionally, physically and socially responsible. Our mission is to promote lifelong learning in an open and caring atmosphere that motivates students to be confident and responsible global citizens.
Here, we develop the talelents of the children also through drama and music. Our kids had just finish a gospel music record about to be release. Also, excursion to various interesting places is a common routine in our school.