Proprietor’s Welcome

Proprietress’s/Director’s Welcome

A warm welcome to M.A.A.S Schools. In particular congratulations to our new students on your enrolment to M.A.A.S Schools and the beginning of a wonderful new phase of your education.

We are very proud of our school and its achievements over its 4 years history. We are proud of the successes of the very dedicated and talented students at our school as well as an extremely hard-working and caring staff. The academic results of the school are impressive.

Our school has no formal links to any religious denomination, though the school has always acknowledged its Christian tradition. Children from all faiths are welcomed and supported. We believe that true faith is measured in the quality of our everyday lives, in our relationship with others, in our willingness to serve and in the power of what we practise rather than preach. Our values celebrate the diversity of beliefs which are represented in the school.

We believe in educating the whole person, so that every student leaves the school well-equipped to achieve individual goals and with a sense of commitment, social responsibility and enthusiasm.

Our students are encouraged to think creatively and independently. The spirit of healthy competition and cooperation is encouraged through sports and other activities. In this way, they learn about leadership and teamwork – the glory of winning and the importance of losing gracefully, yet with a determination to strive to do better next time.

Mrs. Adebayo Rita M.
Proprietress/ Director