YOUTH EMPOWER AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAMME is a baby-wing of MAAS MODERN INTERNATIONAL. It’s a non-profit organization that does more with less and solves social problems using a bottom up approach.

We engage the youth and empowering them to be agents in their own development at the grassroot level through mentorship, education, entrepreneurship and gender. We offer leadership training, mentorship, tutoring, vocational training, English classes, and computer literacy classes. Our life improvement meetings have made MAAS MODERN INTERNATIONAL a place where young people learn to make mature judgments and exercise critical thinking.

Beyond Abidjan, we are planning to implement projects that reach out to all Ivory Coast cities. Watch out!!!

Our mission is to serve God by serving our nation:

**Create opportunities to enable young people to learn and grow in key areas of life;
**Assist and coach youth to be role models through their lifestyle, choices, decisions and actions;
**Contribute to raising the standard of the education and academic performance; and
**Train and support entrepreneurial initiatives of community development.

We believe in a better and stronger Ivory Coast on the physical, spiritual, intellectual and socioeconomic dimensions.

MAAS MODERN INTERNATIONAL’s teaches young people how to make mature judgments; the governing body must be individuals that leave by truth and spirit – demonstrating a high level of ethic through their lives styles, decision, choices and actions.

MAAS MODERN INTERNATIONAL is very much dedicated to start and promote entrepreneurial initiatives. We are currently working on launching a project that will train and equiped youth to be an entrepreneur. We believe that the government cannot employ everyone. Therefore we want to try to help the youth be self-employed.