Code of Conduct

A specific Code of Conduct is issued to all pupils, Student from the College to our Elementary School. The Code of Conduct is an agreement between the student, the student’s family and the school, which must be signed and returned.

In general we expect our students to be responsible members of the community and ambassadors for M.A.A.S Schools.

Students are expected to:
· Wear the full uniform and to be smartly dressed at all times.

· Be punctual and positive.

· Establish realistic, clear, meaningful goals for each year’s programme of study – academic, spiritual, social and physical

· Establish and maintain a positive work ethic to ensure sustained academic progress.

· Have respect for and take pride in the school environment.

· Conduct themselves, at all times, in a manner that will give credit to the school.

· Be courteous and respectful in conduct towards staff, fellow students and visitors to the school.

· Follow the School Rules as stated.

· Be involved in every sphere of school life to take advantage of all opportunities.
· Refrain from physical or verbal aggression and disputes.

School Charter

The Board of Trustees will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the school meets the goals and objectives of the Charter within the resources and time available for it, recognizing that students will attain personal excellence (be the best that they can be) through a partnership between the school, their homes and family, the community and the Minister under the provisions of the Education Act.