Staff Welcome

Our school has catered for the all round educational needs of Pupils, Student from Adjame and beyond for the past 4 years.

The school boasts a proud record of academic achievements, sporting success and cultural excellence.

At M.A.A.S Schools we are committed to Building Pupils, Student for Life by encouraging and challenging them to strive for personal excellence in all their pursuits. High standards and expectations are reinforced through the studies that are modeled, taught and expected.

A quality, committed staff ensures that all aspects of the school’s life remain energetic and all Pupils, Student are presented with a wide range of opportunities that reflect their interests and abilities.

M.A.A.S Schools is a place that is enjoyed by staff, students and the greater community.


Staff Mission

We are committed to taking the extra step,
Exceeding expectations,
Searching out new possibilities,
Being positive in every situation
We will create an environment
Where everyone can flourish and grow.