School Activities


The primary aim at M.A.A.S Schools is classroom success. Our Propietor focus and consideration is ensuring that all students attain personal excellence in their academic pursuits. Our curriculum is designed to facilitate this learning.

Both our primary and College curriculum are a relatively to the standard one in Nigeria. The College programmes is completely prescribed with students being exposed to a large number of subjects so they can make informed choices about their preferred options in the later years.

The subject areas in the senior school are wide and varied and reflect the school’s ability to provide the course of choice for all Students. English, Mathematics Science, French & Computer continue to be compulsory for our Students.

At M.A.A.S Schools we believe strongly in providing for all the academic needs of our Pupils, Student and we continue to offer the widest range of subjects than any school in our area.

Sports Wall of Fame

Sport plays an important role in the lives of Pupils and Students. Student involvement in activities outside the classroom assists their development as people. This involvement creates a sense of belonging, personal satisfaction and self esteem from achievement and develops within our Pupils, Student an awareness of and appreciation for others.


We have variety of cutural activities, painting or photography; clarinet or violin; musicals or acting – whatever form of artistic expression you can imagine, the Pupils andStudent in M.A.A.S Schools are on top. They are poets, actors, singers, haka performers, drummers, journalists, band members and painters.

The importance of creative expression in the development of Pupils, Student is felt in every facet of their lives. Pupils, Student need to express themselves – it’s simply part of the way their brain is wired. At M.A.A.S Schools we recognize the role of the arts in building our Pupils, Student’ confidence, his individuality and his sense of himself.
School Song
School Prayer